By Monica Lunin

What She Said

The Art of Inspiring Action Through Speech

Learn how spoken words can change a mind, a community and the world with this collection of remarkable speeches by women.

Author Monica Lunin has curated and analysed 40 of the greatest speeches made by strong and empowering women from all around the world.

From Queen Elizabeth I to Maya Angelou, Greta Thunberg, Julia Gillard and Michelle Obama, What She Said shows not only what was said but also how the speech worked and why it was effective.

You will learn how these women:

  • Inspired, moved, and persuaded an audience
  • Understood and empathised with a crowd
  • Effectively argued a position
  • Opened hearts and minds
  • Shared your thoughts and insights

What She Said is a must-read for anyone looking for practical and relevant lessons on oratorical leadership.

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Wander through 40 speeches from inspirational women and learn how they used their words to inspire action.

What’s Inside?

10 Chapters

Each chapter explores a category of persuasion.  You will learn to inspire, motivate, empathise, argue and entertain.

40 Women

A little bit about the speaker, the occasion, and the challenge that each woman faced, before taking to the stage.

40 Speeches

Either the entire speech or a substantial excerpt (if it is a long one!) Immerse yourself in the words that made a difference.

120 Insights

Discover ‘how she did that’ in the form of three nuggets of wisdom from each speech to help you develop your own communication power.

The Women of the Book

The Women of the Book

Why I Wrote This Book

Monica Lunin

“If you were to pull down from the bookshelf any anthology of famous speeches you would likely find the content overwhelmingly skewed towards men.  I have found such speeches to be sources of inspiration and instruction throughout my life and now is the time to feature the often overlooked but immensely powerful speeches by women.”