Wouldn’t it be better if we could just put the facts forward, create a convincing argument, use logical analysis, and therefore get people to change their behavior? Fortunately for most of us inspiring action through speech is not a magic trick but a deliberate and intentional effort.
In this episode of the Leadership Project podcast, Mick Spiers interviews Monica Lunin, a consultant, facilitator, and speaker who has worked with high-level organizations such as ANZ, Macquarie Bank, EY, Qantas, and Suncor. Lunin is the co-owner and director of MojoLogic, a leadership and communication consultancy, and is the author of What She Said: The Art of Inspiring Action Through Speech. The two discuss Lunin’s background and her book, which focuses on how to inspire action through effective communication.
We learn from Monica that it is a combination of natural talent and learned skill when it comes to public speaking. Nervousness is a common obstacle, but it can be overcome. The greater threat is incongruent communication which can damage trust in a leader. A leader’s view, values, style, and strategy should be consistent. Moreover, it is essential to modify a leader’s communication style for different situations as long as the core of the message remains the same. Reading the room and understanding the current energy level to determine the appropriate tone for the speech is part of the preparation that most leaders fail to consider.
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